graphql with map type

When graphql server (dgs framework) generate the graphql response, the Map attribute is rendered as {key=value}.
So for example

class DataObject{
Map<String, Double> cashByCurrencyUnadjustedUsd;

the dataFetcher returned the result as

from the client side, its also using dgs to parse the graphql response to DataObject.

Expected behavior

I would expect the client has no issue to parse the data, considering they are from the same project (dgs here).

Actual behavior

A jackson MismatchedInputException was thrown here:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Created a POJO with a map attribute
  2. use dgs data fetcher to response above pojo
  3. use dgs client to parse the graphql response into same POJO

the possible solution

Looks like this probably is an issue with graphql-java and graphql in general where Map is not supported type. I have tried to create a custom scalar type, something like

# in schema
scalar Map

# java code
public class DgsMap ....{
    public **String** serialize (Object dataFetcherResult) ..{
        return mapper.writeValueAsString(dataFetcherResult);

this then would result out

which Jackson from dgs-client still has issue to parse.

In the end, I have left dgs-framework to parse the Map as String using default Map.toString(). Then from dgs-client, I swithed to Gson as a custom deserializer to parse the String back to Map.

Not sure whether that’s the optimal approach, but seems like thats the only option I found working at the moment.

so basically, there is no change needed on the dgs framework side. However, from the client, when dgs-client parse the response, it would use Gson to parse the `Map.toString` value.

something like

public class POJO{ //on client side


Map<> cashByCurrencyUnadjustedUsd;

then in the CustomDeserializer, it basically deserialize the string using gson.

public class CustomDeserializerextends StdDeserializer<Map> { 

    Gson gson = new Gson();
    public CustomDeserializer() { 

    public CustomDeserializer(Class<?> vc) { 

    public Map deserialize(JsonParser jp, DeserializationContext ctxt) 
      throws IOException, JsonProcessingException {
        TextNode node = jp.getCodec().readTree(jp);
        String data = node.textValue();
        return gson.parse(data);