Long live postgreSQL

Almost 10 years back, i have used postgreSQL for a whole year project.
Good to know it’s still doing very well:



source: https://www.arangodb.com/2015/10/benchmark-postgresql-mongodb-arangodb/


Another angle of view: imperative/procedural vs functional/declarative


Transitioning for OOP Developers
In traditional object-oriented programming (OOP), most developers are accustomed to programming in the imperative/procedural style. To switch to developing in a pure functional style, they have to make a transition in their thinking and their approach to development.
To solve problems, OOP developers design class hierarchies, focus on proper encapsulation, and think in terms of class contracts. The behavior and state of object types are paramount, and language features, such as classes, interfaces, inheritance, and polymorphism, are provided to address these concerns.
In contrast, functional programming approaches computational problems as an exercise in the evaluation of pure functional transformations of data collections. Functional programming avoids state and mutable data, and instead emphasizes the application of functions.

class not found javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter on Java 9

looks like the dependency issue still not sorted out,
it would complain module not found on module-info
requires javax.xml.bind;

while at the same time, complain no class def for DatatypeConverter.