Godaddy plus dyndns

This web site is hosted on a home PC. The domain name is registered with <a href=””>godaddy </a>. Most direct and easiest configuration with godaddy is to point to the home pc address, then it’s done. However, it’s not the case for a home pc with non-static ip address. Then dyndns comes into view to work.

Anyone can register a free dyndns host, and point to your home pc ip. One good feature dyndns provides is, there are either routers, or client applications to update the dynamic ip address to dyndns server automatically. In such case, the dyndns registered host can always point to the correct home ip address.

As for godaddy, there is no simple configuration as pointing the registered domain to the dyndns host name. Life is not easy. However, there are CNAME configuration which can be utilized. I have configured the www CNAME for this domain, to point to my dyndns host. As a result, would point to my dynamic ip address in-directly in such way, yet always correctly.

One more add-on for this setting is, won’t works pointing to my home server, instead pointing to the godaddy free parking web site. To correct this, the domain forwarding features can be utilized.

Select manage forwarding under the registered domain, then point to Wait for few minutes, to have the configuration updated to the server, everything now perfect.