nginx reverse proxy

I am using nginx to reverse proxy to some backend service (serviceX).

location /data {
  # rewrite ...
  proxy_pass http://backend

when client request for http://proxy/data/status, it should direct to http://backend/status

it took me really a long time to figure out (have tried with various rewrites), turns out the trick is to tell nginx when proxy_pass (http), it should pass the uri with a /, something like

location /data/ {
   proxy_pass http://backend/

gitlab breaking changes with cobertura

overnight, our gitlab pipeline has failed.

Turns out gitlab has pushed out a version (15+) with a breaking change.

the fix is not too difficult, but quite amazed by the breaking update without any notification (partially could be something to blame on our infra as well)

python configparser

it took me quite a while to figure out why the code below

from ConfigParser import ConfigParser
conf = ConfigParser()

was working in one codebase but not working in another codebase.

Turns out the package renamed to lower case (probably backward compatibility is never a concern in python ecosystem) in python3.

so above code worked for python 2, need to change to below for python 3

from configparser import ConfigParser
conf = ConfigParser()

(wondering how python ecosystem would look like if there is a version 4/5 in future).

jupyter shell vs kernel

if the shell (where the notebook is started) is different from the kernel executable, when using

pip install
conda install

it could install to a directory where the python executable in the notebook is not referring to.

the solution is

# check the python shell
!type python

# check the executable path

when install, make sure it align, or using the command

!conda install --yes --prefix {sys.prefix} numpy

!{sys.executable} -m pip install numpy

sql nolock

nolock is a table hint. when running with a select query, its the same as (



however, seems like besides resulting dirty reads, it could also cause an issue with mssql driver 10+ (at the moment) to have to `read query timeout`.

i am still trying to dig out the reason for the timeout, but nolock or readuncommited is definitely not suggested.

junit 5 with mockito for partial test

I have a class which has a number of attributes initiated at construction (this arguable could be a code smell). There is a need to test one function (methodA) of the class, which leverages several its attributes.

Without much interest in each attributes functioning, those attributes could be mocked.

However, there would a lot methods to set up individually for the attributes and its functions used in methodA, which basically raised a need to test a function partially.

Here is the way I made it work:

mock for the class and function to test :

OrderService order; //the interested class, to be tested

UserService user; //attribute of OrderService

PaymentService payment; //attribute of OrderService

set up the fields (with reflection) and stop further processing (halfway of methodA)

//the core part is for `methodA` to invoke the realMethod

//then to stop it halfway
when(payment.process()).then(...NPE with corresponding message);

finally to verify the test result with assertJ