File Sharing between windows and WSL2

looks like there is a bug with some built out, when sharing/accessing folders between windows and WSL2, it won’t work.

out of windows, it cannot access \\wsl$, something like

similarly, `explorere.exe .` from wsl2 would bring the windows home directory, instead of current WSL2 path.

The fix is to run


reg query HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\NetworkProvider /s


if P9NP is missing from the Order and HwOrder, it needs to be manually added.

it was missing P9NP before, however, once added as highlighted below:

it now worked

and the way to modify that registry, is to export it as a file (.reg), then manually add P9NP in the file, then open the file (by default by registry editor).

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