kafka rebalance

i have set up a program to consume from a kafka topic.

it has been running fine, till ~ 25% of the messages (out of 2/3mil rows) are consumed, there would be a lot of reblance started happening.

i have tried to increase the `


and reduce the `


and to asynchronously process the messages. have tried to set up the `


and `


`method as well. however, the rebalance is still keep happening, and the program starts stucking at 25%.

after a lot of investigation and trials, turns out that was due to the memory footprints of the program.

as more messages are put onto heap, several snap * 25% * 2/3 million rows, JVM starts busy running the GC thread, which eventually blocked the consumer to send back the heartbeat in time.

filter the message, or run this on a server would fix the issue.

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