Upgrade your browser experience

Microsoft Edge/Opera/Google Chrome has become the de-facto browser for internet. This suite here will greatly further enhance your browsing experience:

Tab & URL manager

Problem statement:

we tend to have so many tabs open, it becomes difficult to find the specific tabs among so many we have opened.

Instead, we normally tend to just open a new tab which has already been open and hidden somewhere, this will additionally consume more of our computer memory usage.

We have visited certain pages before, but really cannot recall the complete address of the page.

We are trying to search for a term, however, would like to see only the top suggestions.

We might have different search engines would like to leverage on, for example maybe bing for desktop images, or baidu for chinese languages.

We have a limited screen, would like to maximize the space screen, instead of leaving the address and tab to consume the precious screen space.


Install the Tab & URL manager here, 

Use the shortcut to open the Tab & URL manager
Windows: Alt+L

Mac: ⌥+L

In addition, you can configure further keyword mapping in the Extension Options.
* type a URL followed by enter to visit the specified address
* type a term followed by enter to search the term (the search engine is configurable)
* type a term to navigate to any popular search suggestions
* type a keyword to navigate to any mapped URL (the map is configurable)
* type a term to navigate to any open tabs
* type a term to get the likely result you would like to visit

ShortCut for URL mapper

Problem Statement:

It’s always difficult to remember the long URLs. Yet, we could have so many pages we normally visit.


Install the ShortCut for URL mapper here, 


Click the extension, to configure the keyword to URL mappings.

After that, just type sc in the address bar, followed by the keyword would bring you to the targeted page.

My Tabs

Problem Statement:

We all have list of often visited pages each. Normally we would either bookmark them, then click one by one to open each, or just open a new tab each and type the URLs manually.

This is very tedious and waste our precious time.


Install MyTabs here
Click the extension, to configure the often visited pages.

Then each time auto load them all with one click Alt+Shift+T, or if using Mac, Option+Shift+T.

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