status for asynchronous process

it’s not a completely novel requirement to get the status for asynchronous processing, for example, to get the file upload progress, to get the order status, alert for processing failures etc.

IMO, there are mostly two approaches for it,
whether it’s through REST/GraphQL/Queue/DB/FS, if the client is polling for status, that’s a synchronous call, which kind of patched for the original fire and forget async process.

  1. asynch
    this would still be a patch for the original async process, however, it’s really valid. since it’s a “new” requirement from the client to get the status. instead of polling, which almost removed the merits of the original async call, the client could expose a webhook for the server to post back status asynchronously. as such, even though it’s a patch, it will be patched async, leave both processes fire and forget.

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