Raspberry PI as NAS

Just finished setting up my RP 2 as a NAS. Here is the summary list to achive that:

1. Raspberry PI 2
2. USB hard disk
3. HDMI cable
4. TV
5. USB keyboard and Mouse
6. Internet cable
7. SD Card

I have tried Raspberry PI official raspbian, which turns out extremely laggy. Then switched to Ubuntu 14 LTS, which doesn’t work well on RP 2 directly.
Finally installed ubunut mate, which works very smooth and almost perfect.

One thing to note to install ubuntu mate on RP 2, format the SD card to ext4 format would be the easiest approach.

to have a full functional NAS, i have installed and set up using below:
1. miniDLNA
pretty light and straight forward set up, just include the folder you would like to DLNA, and have the app auto start
2. USB hard disk normally have issue with direct power up from Rp 2, due to the lmited power from the usb port. a lot suggested to use usb hub, while for myself, a dual usb connector worked very well
3. mount the hard disk, for my case, is mounted to /media
4. there are several vnc servers, i have used vnc4server, pretty light and worked perfectly
5. enable SSH
with above two steps, keyboard, mouse and Display for RP is seldom in necessary
6. set up samba
add the shared directory, on /etc/samba/smb.conf
7. auto download
i have set up aria2c, but seldom used. as there is a chinese software, Thunder remote works pretty nice

PS. from your home computer, if you have xming installed, which could mostly replace the need for vncviewer as well

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