maven projects

Since last week, I have been working on an automation testing project (volunteering).

It’s developed in my Eclipse, with Spring and Maven plugin. The technology used is Spring (DI or IoC), Camel (registering each test case as a camel routes) and selenium (testing framework); jasper report (for output) and java mail (for publisher).

It’s been working well within eclipse, invoke within.

Then I plan to publish to the team, and it supposed to be maven (mvn commands, the default approach).

however, wtf, 6pm I started preparing on this “packaging” till now finally solved. HA, 3 hours around (dinner, mrt, games excluded).

Thanks to maven.

I like the structure it required.

|-- pom.xml
`-- src
    |-- main
    |   `-- java
    |       `-- com
    |           `-- mycompany
    |               `-- app
    |                   `--
    `-- test
        `-- java
            `-- com
                `-- mycompany
                    `-- app

refer to Maven Project Structure
which is PERFECT!!!

(Actually, my own problem. I am not YET expert on maven!)

and the command I used “mvn clean compile test”
and I have been using exec-maven-plugin, to start my application by invoking the boot strap class ( simple load the spring application context).

Refer to 3 ways to run java from maven

Another good day.

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