Installing windows 7

2 years ago, when I am trying to install windows 7 32 bit from Win xp. It goes very smoothly, as it can started from the running win xp os.

Now I try to upgrade it from 32 bit win 7 to 64 bit. Few days ago, when I tried, it throw me this cd/dvd driver needed exception.

Now when I try to reburn the iso image, i found the autorun.inf (maybe) shouldn’t be there.


Really speechless to this Windows 7 64 bit upgrade experience.

there are so many frustrations encountered, and its been almost 3 weeks.

1. downloading this iso file from msdn got many problems. throws error at last minute, if downloading from my lenovo win 7 laptop; cant copy to my thumb drive, if download from my office pc;
2. download using my toshiba windows xp, the download .iso file seems got problem , so its always throw me, cd/dvd driver missing problem
3. try write this iso to windows 7 usb tool, then always tell me this iso file invalid
4. finally find solution to make this iso file valid, by checking/unchecking the “udf” property of this iso file, again, throw me missing driver
5. finally redownload using my clean toshiba win xp, then using windows 7 usb tool to burn to usb, then throw me exception, “unable to run bootsect”, then when boot with this usb, throw me, “ntldr missing”
6. try burn to dvd using this iso file, and windows 7 usb tool, then half way halt, saying unable to read disk..


now finally installing, using the iso downloaded with my clean toshiba windows xp, and burn with windows 7 usb tool to my thumb drive, then using bootsect.exe to update the boot code.

finally using this thubm drive to install windows 7 64 bit, in progress..


whatever, its finally finished installation and working well.

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