strategy for java jee development

take UI code debug and modification for example. previously, i have been tracing the log, using firebug check the URL address of the link, or better advanced using debug mode. But whatever method it is, i have been making huge effort on making sure, the 100% clear sure flow is made known. click button A —> to ActionA.class —> forward ServiceB.class —> DAOC.class –> JSPD.jsp.

it’s time consuming and effort consuming, yet, still times, there are mistakes. let’s say checking and follow every line, every detail of the code, then i finally modified A.class, D.jsp. Deploy and test, it might still wrong. Might be DAOD, need to be changed.

I just realized, after three years, knowing roughly the usual way of coding, structure, roughly architech, utilizing fiddler, click button A, button B, whatever, then check fiddler record, see what possibly what’s the action, let’s say ActionA.class, then go there, roughly check through, i would quickly decide possible problem occurrence place.

then deploy and test, it probably works.

conclusion is, now since now the “behind” coding (the why, how it works) I have roughly know, so I don’t any more spend so much time effort on tracing so detail, 100%. And utilizing fiddler, httpwatch professional, or debug mode, work is better and faster.

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