set up filezilla ftp sever from home sever

FTP protocol is first draft in 1971, and current specs are from 1985. It’s an ancient technology where NAT, firewalls not there.

As for now, to set up a FTP server from home LAN, some configurations need to be catered as a result.

There are actually two connections for FTP, control connections and data connections. Two modes for data connections, passive mode (for server), and active mode (for server).

Passive mode is recommended,  which is the case, client come to pull data. While port or active mode is server to push data to client.

Settings are actually not complex, but deserve attention and carefulness. To add on the frustration for this is the lack of proper explanation from the internet.

Too much messed info is worse than no info.

For the server set up,

  1. general settings, to specify the listen port, which is default 21. But some ISPs might block this port, including mine. So specify a different port, and NAT it from your external IP to your filezilla server internal ip. lets say port 29000. eg.
  2. (Somewhere most problems seen from internet are due to this) under passive mode settings, specify the external ip address, which is, for my case.
  3. The tricky part, specify the port range, let’s say 30000-40000, and NAT it also. The configuration of this is the data connections of the two FTP connections, other than the control connections, which lying on port 29000.

    A lot of problems seen from internet are due to this, cause other than the listening port, FTP uses another range of ports, for data connections.

refer, Network Configuration
Done this, it works fine.

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