Soft Skills

if you wanna walk fast, walk alone; if you wanna walk further, walk together.

– proverb

I used to believe in tech skills alone, which serves me well at beginning of the career.

At work, I was more than happy to take more workload, help colleagues and get the tricky work done, and to practice my skills.

After work, I was doing pet projects, doing further studies.

This served me well till certain stage.

Then I started having peers who has been lacking the technical skills, not able to build/support efficient solutions, getting the promotions quicker.

It seems like some people just skipped the tough process doing the hardwork, then straightaway get the rewards of promotion.

It looks unfair but unfortunately it’s very true in a lot cases.

However, to step back a little bit, looking at another angle: it’s the stage the soft skills start kicking in, playing an important role. It’s a new starting line irregardless whether it’s perspiration or laughter spent before. and to some extent, it even doesn’t matter so much whether or not you are technically strong or harworking or not.

------just a note

await on promise


await Promise.all ([PromiseA, PromiseB..])

View story at

Jersey filter/Interception binding

looks like mainly 3 ways to define the filter/interceptor
1. global binding
by the @Provider annotation and implement the Client/ContaineRequest/ResponseFilter
this would apply to all request/response

2.named binding
by create new annotation of @NameBinding, which annotate the customFilter and resources together to bind them

3. Dynamic binding
by implement the dynamicFeature, which then would check the resource and register/provide corresponding filters for that resource


cannot set niceness : Permission denied

tried to run hadoop several times, which always throw out an exception

localhost: nice: cannot set niceness: Permission denied

checking jps, the only brought up nameNode and resourceManager.

Tried several approaches on set niceness with no avail. somehow actually calling the daemon to start the datanode directly works. (event the permission denied still exist.)

lwpro2@DESKTOP-G92MK3N:~/hadoop/hadoop-2.9.1$ sbin/ start datanode
starting datanode, logging to /home/lwpro2/hadoop/hadoop-2.9.1/logs/hadoop-lwpro2-datanode-DESKTOP-.out
nice: cannot set niceness: Permission denied

SSH on Windows 10 Subsystem

Been cost me quite sometime to set up ssh on ubuntu (within windows 10), turns out the .ssh directory and authorized_keys file permissions needs to be corrected:

chmod 700 ~/.ssh
chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys